Blood Bank

Blood components are vital for many patients. That is why the Blood Bank of New Vision University provides an opportunity for you to become a donor for those who need it.

The purpose of this nonprofit program is to:

  • Promote the notion of charitable donation in Georgia;

  • Detect diseases and prevent further complications;

  • Maintain a supply of all blood groups and rhesus components - resulting in more lives being saved!

Every healthy adult can donate blood once every 2 months. Accordingly, approximately 40% of the Georgian population is able to donate blood and to safely enjoy the satisfaction brought by saving other people's lives.

Simultaneously, the blood bank provides you with a chance to uphold free and confidential analysis, specifically:

  • Complete Blood Count;

  • Hemoglobin;

  • B and C hepatitis;

  • HIV infection (AIDS);

  • Syphilis.

Also to obtain information about your blood group and rhesus factor.


Contact: 0159 Tbilisi, 11 Bokhua Street

Tel: 032 223-83-93