Mission & Goals


Expand human vision through promotion of education, research and innovation. The University inspires individuals to advance and share knowledge, skills and values to contribute to the well-being of society. NVU is committed to social responsibility and also promotes equal access of education to students from around the world.


NVU is aspired to create open, innovative and collaborative environment, to ensure student engagement and serve the society on a national and international scale. Upholding equal access and equity, it adheres to diverse student-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities. By collaborating with stakeholders in civic society, state and industry, NVU strives to spread the knowledge and innovation in local and global community. Committed to the establishment of eco-friendly environment, NVU supports environmental education to enable people to better understand and act collaboratively for its protection. NVU commits to the creation and dissemination of knowledge and preparation of professionals to support economic growth and sustainability.

Values and Attitudes:

Core Values and Shared Attitudes identified by the NVU community:

  • Collaboration,
  • Concentration on Research,
  • Creative Problem–Solving,
  • Diversity,
  • Efficiency,
  • Equality,
  • Equity,
  • Ethical Leadership,
  • Freedom,
  • Innovation,
  • Integration,
  • Integrity,
  • Justice,
  • Openness,
  • Professionalism,
  • Public Outreach,
  • Security,
  • Social Engagement.

Main Facts:

Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entity New Vision University (NVU) was established in 2013, New Vision University Hospital - in 2014. NVU team comprises of over 400 Professors, Scholars, and Practicioners. NVU has over 1000 students coming from more than 25 different countries.