Psychological Counseling Center

The NVU Psychological Counseling Center (PCC) provides services and trainings designed to assist students in achieving emotional well-being and help manage personal demands that may interfere with academic progress. PCC is dedicated to student well-being and providing services collaboratively with compassion, respect, and sensitivity to students' unique challenges and cultural backgrounds. The center provides a safe environment for students to resolve psychological distress, and maximize their potential at NVU.

You need to seek help from the Student Psychological & Counseling Center: if you have,

  • Difficulty transitioning to a new school or college environment, academic problems
  • Feelings of depression, loneliness and decreased motivation
  • Grief and loss
  • Issues of traumatic experiences
  • Relationship difficulties, including roommate conflicts, family difficulties and romantic relationship concerns
  • Symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Thoughts of doing harm to self or others
  • Questions related to acculturation and diversity
  • Concerns about relationship with body image
  • Unhealthy substance use

Among its services, the Psychological & Counseling Center provides the following support, all of which adhere to strict standards of confidentiality:

  •  Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Purpose-based trainings and workshops.

Any students who deems it helpful to use extra support are encouraged to fill out the form and plan a meeting with the center manager two days in advance. The support will be provided free of charge by a clinical psychologist and member of GGPA (Georgian Group Psychotherapy Association) and AGPA (American Group Psychotherapy Association) Salome Milorava.


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