Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

The program aims to expand the horizons of individual's awareness by concentrating on the importance of law, comparative law research, international law accomplishments, professional skills development and by promoting justice based value formation. It underlines practice-oriented learning of theoretical components as well as an integration of student with the professional environment.

Medical Rehabilitation and Nursing Care

The program targets to support students in understanding the essence of Health Care Sciences (Rehabilitation and Nursing), to equip them with skills necessary for working in diverse health care settings, and to become competent and competitive in multicultural environments. The intention of the program is to foster the development of professionals with higher employability in diverse health care settings.

Bachelor's Program in Business and Information Technologies

This is a broad program primarily designed to offer a versatile education in business management and Information Technology. Students will build professional competence in the area of Business and Business Administration and gain knowledge and practical skills in leadership, management, finance/accounting, marketing, and business communications.

Bachelor's program in Business Administration

This program is primarily designed to offer a multifaceted knowledge in business management. Students will build professional competence, gain knowledge and practical skills in management, finance, accounting, marketing and business communications. Graduates of the program will possess competencies that are applicable for responsible managerial roles in a variety of settings.

Bachelor's Program in Politics and International Relations

The program provides students with the understanding of the essence of politics and international relations. The program supports and prepares its graduates as professionals with high employability making a career in public or private sectors – state institutions, international organizations, non-profit organizations, campaign management and polling.