New Vision University School of Law currently offers three degree programs:

  • Bachelor degree in law (GEO)
  • Master Degree in Comparative Private and International Law (GEO/ENG)
  • PhD in Comparative Private and International Law (GEO/ENG)


Master’s program in Comparative Private and International Law

The program aims to develop competencies in the fields of comparative private and/or international law. The choice between comparative private and international law components enables a student to shape his/her profile in either way: to make emphasis on comparative private law or on international law or to combine components from both concentrations.

PhD - Doctorate in Law

The objective of the program for the Doctorate in Law is to contribute to the free development of an individual and expansion of human vision through enhancement of the existing knowledge and establishment of innovative methods in lawmaking and interpretation of legal rules. It also aims to enhance the research and teaching competencies by NQF VIII level learning outcomes.

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

The program aims to expand the horizons of individual's awareness by concentrating on the importance of law, comparative law research, international law accomplishments, professional skills development and by promoting justice based value formation. It underlines practice-oriented learning of theoretical components as well as an integration of student with the professional environment.