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News - Business and IT

The School of Business at New Vision University has elected New Dean

18 Oct 2016
On October 17th, New Vision University has elected Ms. Maka Kuchava as the new dean of Business School.Ms. Kuchava is a professional with diverse experience of working in various business settings both educational and project management in Europe, Middle East & West Africa. After finishing her medical degree from Tbilisi State Medical University in Georgia, she went on to pursue higher education in the UK. She has an MSc degree in Health Policy – Planning and financing from the London School of Economics (LSE) and an MBA from University of Whales.Her Experience and specialization in business development and complex business models in various countries is certainly an asset for her new position as the Dean of Business School at New Vision University.

Licensed Products and Services from Microsoft for New Vision University

24 Oct 2015
In October 2015 New Vision University finalized licensing agreement with the Microsoft. Under the special terms for educational institutions from Microsoft, agreement enables students and personnel to use licensed Microsoft software and services both at home and in the University.Agreement comprises licensed Microsoft products for PCs and tablets, including MS Office, Office 365, Azure, SQL, Visual Studio, Microsoft cloud space, etc. This agreement enables HVU to expand its information technology environment further by integrating business software systems and E-learning services in addition to Windows Enterprise. Agreement also includes solutions for centralized management of university’s IT infrastructure.Agreement, which is another open declaration from the New Vision University to support intellectual property rights, was signed by the Chancellor Mr. Karlo Matitaishvili. Specially for this event, the Representatives from Microsoft National Office – Mr. Shota Murtskhvaladze and Ms. Ketevan Tatoshvili visited the University. 

Public Lecture on "Trademark Protection in Georgia and Germany"

24 Apr 2015
On April 28, 18:00, New Vision University will host a public lecture on "Trademark Protection in Georgia and Germany - comparative analysis"Lecture will be conducted by Dr. Nino Bakhtadze, LL.M. Eur. (Cologne, Germany), registered patent attorney, with profound experience in IP and Insurance law. Lecture will be concluded with the presentation of the book "Markenschutz in Georgien und Deutschland". Law Students as well as other interested professionals are encouraged to attend upon prior online-registration.Registration form 

Information Technologies Incubator

14 Jan 2015
New Vision University established Information Technologies Incubator.By virtue of modern technologies, incubator targets to identify, explore and develop regional competitiveness through contributing to growth and success of emerging technology businesses.Incubator aims to increase the successful development of new businesses, job creation and employment in specific sectors that are aligned with a region’s unique areas of opportunity and to enhance links between universities, research institutions and the business community.

The interested persons are hereby invited to participate in Tourism Management Professional certificate program

29 May 2014
The interested persons are hereby invited to participate inTourism Management Professional certificate program.The Program is intended not only for persons, who are already engaged in tourism business and are willing to further advance their theoretical and practical knowledge in this area, but it will greatly assist those, who intend to start their own business in this field, will help them to overcome difficulties encountered during the business start-up phase and to avoid risks. 

The New Vision University is pleased to invite the interested person for Certificate Program in Database Oriented Programming - DB OOP

27 May 2014
The New Vision University is hereby inviting the interested person for Certificate Program in Database Oriented Programming - DB OOP.Offered within the framework of the Program will be:** Basic programming constructs in JAVA Language  ** Reflection of object oriented programming concepts in JAVA Language  ** Standard classes in JAVA Language: String, StringBuilder, Exception** Construction of a graphic interface, Swing and AWT components** Development of Web interface using JSP technique** Working with PostgreSQL satabase under SQL instructions;** Connecting to PostgreSQL database from JAVA application. Downloading data from a database** Transfer of parameter queries to PostgreSQL database from JAVA application** Attachment of table data, downloaded from the database, to visualization components** Construction of data objective model. Model/View/Controller Concept. A applicant for the program is required to know:** One of the languages of object oriented programming (preferably C++).** The language required for working with relative databases - SQL.