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New Vision University Hospital doctors at international conference

5 Oct 2016
New Vision University Hospital doctors Nana Chikhladze (department of chemotherapy) and Maka Gogoladze (department of general surgery) presented their scientific report at seventh international conference of Southeast European Medical Forum (SEEMF). Conference was hold in Batumi, September 7-10th.Dr. Chikhladze presented a report on palliative care in Georgia. Physicians working in critical and intensive care settings encounter death of chronic incurable patients on a daily basis; however they have scant skills on how to communicate with the patients and their family members. A survey showed that only a quarter of the patients family members satisfied with the level of communication during the treatment process. Online teaching models are being developed on these research results. It will be for doctors working in critical and intensive care sphere. The guest of honor of the conference Dr. Javier Batista (Spain) has also expressed interest in the subject matter and promised to participate in developing the teaching model.  Another scientific report presented by Dr. Gogoladze was about experimental research in Herniology. Hernia is one of the widespread surgical pathologies. Consequently annually up to 20-21mln hernioplasties are carried out worldwide. Despite many years of experience in the field of hernia surgical treatment there still exist many unsolved problems such as a safe and non-infected closure of defects of abdominal cavity wall. The aim of the study was to improve the result of treatment. The presentation caught the interest of several academics including Prof. G. Tsarianski from the Bulgarian medical academy at St. Sophia University Hospital. Dr. Gogoladze was also given the opportunity to publish his research topic in a leading Bulgarian scientific journal.The conference was attended by over 150 delegates from all over the world. Some of notable attendees were from the World Medical Association, Southeast European Medical Forum, European Union of Medical Specialists, European Association of Senior Hospital Physicians and etc.  

Analyzing 2015 experience of introducing the problem-based learning

15 May 2016
On May 19, there will be held the next working meeting at the New Vision University, in the framework of the problem-based learning activities.The topic of the report: “Analyzing 2015 experience of introducing the problem-based learning”Reporter: Karlo MatitaishviliTime: May 19th, Thursday, 19:00Place: New Vision University, Room 402Language of instruction: English and GeorgianRegistration can be done no later than Thursday, 18:00. 

NVU Hospital visits Senaki to offer Free Diagnostic Services to Local Population

5 Feb 2016
On February 6 and 7, 2016 New Vision University Hospital Clinicians will visit Senaki Municipality. The visit is a part of the activities dedicated to the World Cancer Day. The local population of Senaki Municipality, as well as the internaly displaced people living in the same area, will have possibility to get free diagnostic services and necessary examinations for cancer prevention, including PAP test and HPV genotype diagnosis to prevent or discover the risk of cervical cancer development at an early stage.

Events for Raising Awareness on Breast Cancer

2 Nov 2015
On October 31, AVON Georgia in cooperation with the partners - New Vision University Hospital and Business vs. Cancer Foundaton, arranged two events for Raising Awareness on Breast Cancer Prevention.Marching started from Tbilisi City Hall and ended up with the Concert at Club 33a. Students of New Vision University also volunteered in the event to distribute information flyers and instruction.The event was supported by:New Vision University HospitalDunkin' DonutsDHL GeorgiaKia Motors GeorgiaEtam GeorgiaOK! Magazine GeorgiaNew Vision University with the support from AVON offers Breast Cancer Prevention Screening program for free. Appointments can be made via phone:(+995 32) 248 72 27 or 551 25 88 88Address:Lubliana str. 2/6

Oncology Winter School 2016 - a project funded under the call for proposals of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation

28 Oct 2015
In the winter of 2016, by the participation of New Vision University, Oncology Winter School will be carried out by Ilia State University. This project is funded by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation under the seasonal school 2015 call for proposals.The goal of the Oncology Winter School is to interest undergraduate students of medical schools and young scientists with MS equivalent degree as well as to recruit new candidates for bio-medical research filed. The course is focused on students professional development, study on research methodologies and development of transferable skills relevant to the  international standards. Winter school provides the students involvement in research projects of the hosting facility.Academic Training Program of Oncology Winter School provides the optimal combination of training and relaxation mode, which enables the student to understand the information and learn it. The program will be implemented in three modules during three weeks, totally 90 hours.The applicants may obtain further information on winter school by e-mail:

LLC Test-Diagnostics becomes New Vision University laboratory

16 Oct 2015
On 13 October 2014 an agreement was executed between Test-Diagnostics LLC and the New Vision University with a view to enhancement of medical education and medical-laboratory services in Georgia.By virtue of this agreement Test-Diagnostics LLC was awarded the status of university laboratory of the New Vision University. Therefore it will be actively involved in the implementation of the laboratory components of the NVU medical progr4ams and provide students with the possibility to use the laboratory infrastructure for educational and research purposes. 

Knee Edoprosthesis: another complex curgery successfully accomplished in New Vision University Hospital

20 Sep 2015
Another complex surgery has been successfully accomplished in New Vision University Hospital. Total endo-prosthesis of knee was placed in the joint of patient using Implantcast MUTARS® (Modular Universal Tumour And Revision System).Patient addressed the clinic with complaints regarding pain and joint deformity. Clinical tests performed by ​Doctor ​Kakhaber Todua​, ​H​ead of Skin, Soft Tissues and Bone Oncosurgery Department and​ Doctor​ Koba Diasamidze, ​H​ead of Traumatology Department revealed diagnosis of right knee tumor with infiltration in surrounding tissues.For more than 90% of such cases are subject of amputation, however at New Vision University Hospital, surgeons managed to retain the limb by removing distal part of thigh and proximal part of shin and replacing it with prosthesis, fully preserving the function of the joint. Such surgeries are directly tied with advanced modern technologies and require highly skilled professionals. Hospital closely collaborates with German physicians, who along with the Doctors Kakha Todua and Koba Diasamidze, traumatologists - Shalva Dadiani and Giorgi Kvaratskhelia, actively participate in implementation of new surgical methodologies at New Vision University Hospital. 

The First Successful HIPEC in Caucasus

14 Aug 2015
Prof. A. Tsalughelashvili, Director of the Surgical Center at New Vision University Hospital, and Prof. A.Aladashvili, Head of the Hospital Scientific Direction, successfully accomplished HIPEC - Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy procedure, first of such type in Caucasus.This project, funded by Shota Rustaveli National Research Foundation, enables physicians to effectively treat tumors of stomach, colon, rectum, genital organs (ovarian cancer), primary malignant neoplasms of peritoneum and various other types of carcinomatosis.HIPEC has major positive reporting worldwide, including considerable prolongation of five year late stage cancer life expectancy.

New Vision University Hospital Program in Martvili for Cancer Prevention

23 May 2015
On May 23 and 24, New Vision University Hospital will visit Martvili, to carry out a special diagnostic program for the local population.Highly qualified and experienced physicians from the hospital will offer the following services for free:Consultation of breast cancer specialist (ultrasonography included, if necessary)Consultation of traumatologistConsultation of adult and pediatric surgeon (ultrasonography included, if necessary)Consultation of sexologistConsultation of urologist and genitourinary system tumor specialist (ultrasonography included, if necessary)Consultation of gynecologist including PAP test and HPV genotypingConsultation of colorectal cancer specialist Consultation of skin cancer specialist (ultrasonography included, if necessary)Thyroid gland ultrasonography, consultation of OtorhinolaryngologyThe local partners of the project are the Medical Center "Mkurnali" and local government.The consultations will be carried out from 11:00am, on May 23 and 24. New Vision University Hospital aims to visit other regions of Georgia too in the nearest future.

Cervical Screening Program at New Vision University Hospital launched

21 May 2015
New Vision University Hospital has launched Cervical Screening Program.Screening program aims to detect cervical cancer inducing pathogens on early stages. The main component of the program is PAP test, which is capable to detect early damages caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) in cervical area. Early detection of pre-cancerous processes guarantees prevention of cancer in 75% of cases.New Vision University Hospital cervical cancer screening program is free for 18-65 years old women.Appointments can be made via phone: (+995 32) 248 72 27;  Address: Lubliana str. 2/6  

Emergency Digomi launches 24hr Traumatology and Orthopedic Services

14 Apr 2015
From April 14 Emergency Digomi at New Vision University launches Traumatology and Orthopedic offers new 24/7 orthopedic service.Diagnosis and patient care is provided by experienced professionals in accordance to modern standards and guidelines. One of the major benefits for patients is availability and affordability of light and comfortable Fiberglass Orthopedic Casting tape, which replaces the need of traditional gypsum

New Vision University Hospital launches Emergency Digomi

4 Apr 2015
New Vision University Hospital has launched Emergency Digomi - emergency medicine and critical care unit to serve growing demand for ER services.Emergency unit, which significantly increases capacity of the hospital, offers high quality critical care service to patients. In addition, the Emergency Digomi will serve as an educational unit of the University Hospital, enabling students to observe and participate in management of critically ill patients under supervision of experienced professionals.Emergency Digomi is equipped with modern advanced medical equipment and is available on 24/7 basis.Emergency Digomi is located at Ljubljana Str. 2/6; New Vision University Hospital.

Free Medical Examination Program at New Vision University Hospital

2 Apr 2015
AVON Cabinet of Mammography at New Vision Univeristy Hospital continues the program of free medical examination for breast cancer prevention. Direction of mammography is led by Doctor Irakli Kokhreidze, MD-PhD.Possibility of successful treatment of breast cancer is up to 98% at early diagnosis of the disease. Consequently, the best way to prevent the disease is the medical examination on a regular basis.New Vision University hospital offers the following services for free:Consultation with the oncologystRentgeno-mamography screeningUltrasound scan (if necessary)Tumor markers (if necessary)Appointments can be made via phone: (+995 32) 248 72 27 

Open competition for Academic Positions - School of Medicine

31 Mar 2015
The New Vision University hereby announces an open competition for filling up the following academic vacancies:Surgery: 3 Professors and 3 Associate Professors;Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine: 2 Professors and 2 Associate Professors.The main (prescribed by law) and additional (university specific) preconditions for filling up the vacancies are regulated by the New Vision University Regulation for Carrying out the Educational and Research Activities (see the Regulation).An applicant is required to present the following documents: application addressed to the Contest Commission, copies of the ID document and qualification documents; 1 syllabus in English in the respective field (see the NVU syllabus format); also the CV containing information about the scientific papers of the applicant published during the past 10 years, about scholarships-grants awarded during the past 5 years and finally, about applicant’s participation in scientific conferences and professional development activities during the past 5 years.The documents will be accepted from 1st to 8th May, 2015, inclusively at the following address: 1a Evgeny Mikeladze str., Tbilisi, or electronically: application@newvision.geThe results will be announced before 15 of May of the year to date. Contact persons:Elene Mamukelashvili599 27 33 27 Eka Oniani599 37 33 73E-mail:

Presentation of the Telepathology System

9 Mar 2015
An online presentation of the Distance Pathology (Telepathology) System has been arranged at New Vision University on March 9, 2015. The presentation has been delivered by Professor Ben Boedeker (Nebraska University,USA). The academic staff of the New Vision University Medical School attended the presentation. During the meeting the usage of telepathology for educational purposes has been discussed as well as the possibility of implementation of the system in the practice of the New Vision University Hospital. 

Opening for the position of Clinical Cytologist at New Vision University Hospital

11 Feb 2015
New Vision University Hospital is pleased to announce an opening for the position of Clinical Cytologist.Requirements:Higher education diploma in MedicineState CertificateProfessional experience of at least three years in relevant fieldKnowledge of foreign language would be an asset. Privilege will be given to the candidates with academic degree of working experience abroad.To apply, please send the following documents to hr@newvision.geNumber of positions: 1Salary: upon agreementApplication deadline: March 10, 2015

Contest for Best New Logo and Motto for New Vision University Hospital

16 Jan 2015
The New Vision University hereby announces an open contest for New Vision University Hospital logo and motto, which should be compatible with NVU Hospital philosophy.The aim of the NVUHospital is: “To offer medical services based on individual needs and ethical values using treatment methods compatible with international standards, the development, introduction and quality enhancement of which are ensured in close connection with the implementation of educational and research programmes”.The interested persons are free to offer either only a logo design or motto version or both via e-mail: deadline for sending proposals is 30th of January. The best offer author will be awarded by a special prize. 

New Vision University Hospital

15 Jan 2015
Starting from now the New Vision University Medical Doctor Program will be implemented on the basis of the New Vision University Hospital, located at 2/6 Lubliana str., Tbilisi.The New Vision University Hospital comprises:Martin D. Abelof Cancer Research Centre;Surgical Pathology Research Center;Critical Care Medicine Research Center; andMolecular Pathology Research Laboratory.Furthermore the University Hospital offers wide range of diagnostic services to the consumers.

Memorandum with Georgian Telemedicine Union

27 Nov 2014
The cooperation aims at the development of medical education, promoting scientific and applied projects in the field of telemedicine and electronic healthcare.Distance learning centre will be created to promote: the delivery of public lectures and implementation of distance learning certificate courses at international and regional levels, students involvement in joint projects and educational programs  aiming at the development of practical skills and further enhancement of continuous medical education. 

Presentation - Modern Technologies in Medicine

17 Oct 2014
On 14 October 2014 Georgian  Telemedicine Union (Association) held the demonstration day – presentation “Modern Technologies in Medicine”, organized by the New Vision University Associate Professor, Ekaterine Kldiashvili. The event aimed at the presentation of progress report on Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Foundation funded project – Morphological Online Quality Control Program, also the discussion of the potential of eHealth and eLearning. EHealth and eLearning are the efficient ways of development of medical field and can be successfully used for the implementation of the integrated MD program.The New Vision University and Georgian Telemedicine Union (Association) agreed on mutual scientific projects and educational programs with a view to further perfection of medical education and correct development of eHealth in Georgia.

The NVU has Commenced the Integrated MD Program

13 Oct 2014
The New Vision University has commenced the implementation of the MD Program. Teaching, learning and evaluation within the framework of the educational program are carried out on the basis of predetermined competencies of the graduates, i.e. each and every detail of the academic process is determined according to “top-bottom” principle. This approach guarantees the full compatibility of the competencies of the graduates with international standards of medical education.The Curriculum corresponds to the eight level of eleven-level integrated curriculum defined by R. Harden – meaning that the integrated learning components are dominating in the curriculum.The MD Program provides for teaching research methods and development of clinical skills directly in the laboratories and clinical environment. 

Orientation Day for MD Students

11 Oct 2014
On 10 October the New Vision University arranged an orientation day for MD English language program Students.The students discussed the educational program together with the representatives of Medical School, its structure and specificities, teaching methodology, core and elective components of the program.The students personally planned their class schedule, also selected the desirable additional components through the majority of votes.The presentation of Student’s Electronic Portal was also held with the framework of Orientation Day. Through this portal the students will be able to electronically plan and manage the academic process.The MD Program has both foreign (Indian, Canadian, Nigerian, etc.) and Georgian students. Respectively, the NVU administration informed them about student life in Georgia. 

23rd Annual Meeting of the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society.

30 Jun 2014
The findings of joint study of the researchers of the New Vision University, Ilia State University and I.Beritashvili Centre of Biomedicine – Toluene Overexpsoure Provoked Alterations in Memory and Hippocampal Brain Structure of Adolescent and Adult Rats – was presented at 23rd Annual Meeting of the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society, held on 10-15 June 2014.The core function of the Conference is to encourage research in behavioural neuroscience by fostering free and open communication and scientific exchange among its members.